Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day in the News

This is a rare opportunity to acquire a terracotta work by Paul Day. He creates editions in resin from the ceramic master and no longer sells the clay original. This rich red terracotta is a superbly rendered and quietly erotic maquette of four figures in a car. It shows why Day is considered one of the leading clay modelers of our time. 

Passengers, 2000 Estimate:  $3500-5500

He lives in France, a comfortable fit as he has always felt closer to the European figurative traditions as early influences included Giacomo Manzu and others. In addition to his smaller scale work for galleries, Day has been sought out for major public commissions in bronze that include the thirty-foot high Battle of Britain Memorial and the controversial The Meeting Place for St Pancreas Station both in London.  

Meeting Place, St Pancras, London  

Day has been attracting a lot of attention. He was chosen to design the Diamond Jubilee Gold Sovereign to celebrate the 60-year reign of Queen Elizabeth II.  This is an impressive example of Day’s unequalled relief modeling skills in a smaller scale. Also Day has had his L’Alle Paul Day opened by Mayor Alain Suguenot as part of a new theater, La Lanterne Magicque in Beaune, France, an entrance hall featuring a gigantic work by the sculptor. The work was unveiled in the presence of the famous French actor Frabrice Luchini and seven hundred guests. 

Diamond Jubilee Gold Sovereign, Royal Mint

L’Alle Paul Day, Beaune France

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